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Just makes Swingers with shaved pussy I dont lick hair why would the girls want to? I don't shave completely, enough that a lady won't have to worry about any getting in her mouth I think it's a courtesy that should be reciprocal as well. I mister shave everything but the pits and chest. Daisy likes a smooth cock. There is Swingers with shaved pussy she hates more than going down on a guy sporting a big bush that stinks of urine and sweaty harry ballsack.

It tickles her nose too. CANDJ23 wrote: Is this an offer? I feel if a woman can have a smooth pussy that smells and taste mmmm mmmm gooood!!!

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I can shave a shaft and balls so they can get it all, lol. No one like to cough Swingers with shaved pussy a hair ball. Any of you ladies looking for a good lickin, just holla at your local LoneDog.!! Roo Roo. She is smooth and he is shaved and tightly trimmed, including pits.

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Ya don't grow grass on a racetrack, and nobody likes weeds in the playground. They would make so much money. I think everyone should wash up and clean up before going out and sometimes make it part of play time. Shower time together is always a fun time. Swingers with shaved pussy also think we all agree that women go through a Swingers with shaved pussy more than men to meet the acceptable standards.

I don.

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Adds feeling as well without the hair to get in the way. I try to keep things smooth.

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I mr Swingers with shaved pussy a full body shave regularly. The only thing left behind is just enough trimmed down chest hair and just enough trimmed down hair above my cock. I shave cock and balls, trim the 'soul patch' Swingers with shaved pussy so its not looking like a bird's nest, does not shave elsewhere. Shaved the entire thing once, looked like a chicken neck, never again. Shaved in the past because I needed to, don't need to, so don't.

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Would consider it if I were built like Utahpleasures, but I am not, so I don't. She likes my chest and goatee, so that counts far more than what others think. As to women, I prefer the majority of women to have Swingers with shaved pussy hair on their pussy, it looks quite juvenile if she doesn't have it.

Some women can pull off the smooth look, my ex was one, she had meaty enough lips that it was quite obvious that she was an adult. LOL Seriously!!

Swingers with shaved pussy have no idea what to ask for, is it called a bikini line on a guy or is just "hey how much to laser my cock hairs off?

I wax everywhere. My arm pits to my bits. I leave a little hair down there, my lips and the top lips are clean but there is a patch. I have small lips and I feel I Swingers with shaved pussy to young down there if I dont. Hubby Trims everything.

He shaves the base of his man bits. As for what to aak for, in Black sydney people tell them the area-I. A male Brazilian is testicles and anus, as Swingers with shaved pussy as the pubic region. If you just want the sack and tailfeathers gone, just tell 'em; they've seen and heard it all!

Good luck.

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That guy didn't even have a penis to work around It Swingers with shaved pussy a little time to get done, I'll admit. In the end though it is so much more worth it for both parties. I shaved everything smooth. I the Mr. I trim stomach and chest Swingers with shaved pussy above my cock, like to shave my balls and ass.

I figure if I dont like hair in my mouth mdt partner doesn't let alone anyone else. My gf says it doesnt bother her either way, but it is also a hygiene thing to me to. Pubic hair should be minimal at best.

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We've been wanting to have or attend a "hair removal" party for years! Have friends over and get everything all smooth!

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Sounds fun let's do it. I wish it was that easy for me. Trimmed but not shaved except the coin Swingers with shaved pussy lol Wife is shaved but I don't mind a nice close trim no hair on the lips though Mr. I get a Brazillian wax every 6 to 8 weeks. Swingers with shaved pussy bumps, razor burns, ingrown hairs, no stubbble and no itching when it starts growing back.

When it does start growing back in, it's real fine and soft. Don't have enough hair anywhere else except my head to even really notice it.

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Would like to get my mouth on that one. Yummy Josh.

Its Purrrrrfect! Growing up, I was exposed to porn at a pretty Swingers with shaved pussy age. My next door neighbor's dad had a seemingly unlimited source, and Jim found his stash. Throughout the years, every woman I had any contact with had a hairy bush. I was at a tittie bar, and ONE of the girls had a shaved pussy. Initially, it Swingers with shaved pussy me feel like a pervert seriouslyin that I suddenly felt as though I was looking at an 8-year-old. Odd to say now, but it made me very uncomfortable.

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As time wore on, I saw more and more girls at tittie bars shaving, to the point where now it's an industry standard. Swingers with shaved pussy that I'm heavilly into the Lifestyle, it's been years since I've been with or seen a woman with a hairy bush, but we just spent the weekend at a nearby Nudist Resort, and not ALL the women shave.

I have to admit, seeing the bushes trimmed though they were was a turn-on Just something about it that perdiendo peso sexy and erotic to me. Granted, most, Swingers with shaved pussy NOT ALL the women with bushes were more mature, but there was one woman obviously well into her 80s, and she was shaved smooth as a baby's ass.

I like variety.

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Sometimes shaved, sometimes trimmed, sometimes sculpted, sometimes wild. It's all good, although if it's wild too often, it eventually cuts down on my appetite for cunnilingus. Swingers with shaved pussy was my first exposure to what a woman looks like and is supposed to look like. If the grow back wasnt such a itchy bitch, I'd shave all the time, leaving a landing strip.

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Otherwise, it just trimmed short. Shaved, just our opinion. We both love the smooth feel and the licking is better without the hair. It's like anything I just had the fortune to be able to play with a lovely Swingers with shaved pussy in Phoenix who didn't shave her pussy at all.

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I liked it. Normally I like a landing strip.

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Bald is OK, but often accompanied by rash or stubble which is a turn-off. Both shaved, or at least trimmed nicely. That goes for guys too.

Previous Post Next Post. I shave the penis. Just makes sense I dont lick hair why would the girls want to? I don't shave completely, enough that a lady won't have to worry Swingers with shaved pussy any getting in her mouth I think it's a courtesy that should be reciprocal as well. I mister shave everything but the pits and chest. Daisy likes a smooth cock. College days - lynna nilsson xxx torrent Pussy shaved Swingers with.

We both hate hair jungles down there! Shaved here I like shaved! We like smooth lips with a patch above. Gives the best of both worlds. Sexy and womanly.

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I love a shaved pussy I love the feel of the smooth wet Swingers with shaved pussy I hate shaving But like smooth with "landing" strip, Sooo My house? Funny your good lol Got all the stuff, hubby and I used to wax eachother.

But easier and faster to go to a professional Need to find a good waxer The bigger the better for me. As for me, I like it when she is smooth with a small landing strip to Swingers with shaved pussy the way IT is always I like it when she is smooth OK guys do you wax?

Shaved or waxed has their drawbacks.

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Laser hair removal is the best method and its a lot more affordable and easy then you would think. Imagine, No more stubble or razor burn!


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Previous Post Next Post. The Mrs. As long as it is trimmed up Swingers with shaved pussy it is all good. There is Nothing more beautiful than a pinky tushi!!! Bald is beautiful in my book. Yes it's shaved!!! Fisting hot milfs greedy pussy in public Pussy shaved Swingers with.

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